There are two metrics that can be affected in the unforeseen circumstance of an emergency. Ca- Ca is commitment adherence which is how the client views your reliability to service when scheduled. It's the easiest and most important metric to achieve. Ca requires only 90% or above to remain in good standing. That means that as long as you service the dates/times that you choose then you are viewed as responsible and you will have a good ca. Since emergencies are rare the 10% buffer helps in case you had something happen for a day or two and will average in with servicing the rest of your schedule. Releasing affects you because Arise makes a commitment that a number of agents will be there and by releasing its viewed as calling out last minute. Swapping should be used instead as someone can cover your shift without affecting the client and you would then be responsible to pick up additional intervals to meet your contractual required 15 hours. Those 15 hours required weekly are PC.. that metric is priority commitment. As an independent contractor you are responsible to service 15 hours weekly minimum per the Sow and have the flexibility of being able to pick your days off and what times you service. Unfortunately there is no way to issue a waiver if you do not meet those requirements. That metric is crucial to work with Arise. Weeks start Sunday and end of Saturday. If you have change of plans for your schedule you must swap what you won't be able to service and pick up additional intervals to meet that requirement. What can be done is to issue a time away ticket so that the client is aware of the reason as to why you did not service. Time away tickets are only used for for documentation purposes and they do not guarantee an Sow renewal. Failure to meet your weekly requirement for two consecutive weeks or more through out an Sow will result in termination and/or not being renewed for another 60-90 day sow. Tip* We suggest picking up more then 15 hours a week so that you have the flexibility of swapping some if needed. It's important to set a reminder and be readily available to pick your schedule weekly or the client will have no option but to allow someone else to pick up those intervals as representatives are needed to answer calls. If you miss the schedule release it is your responsibility to check often as more will be released in order to service the 15 hours. CA and PC were put in place to manage your attendance. In an office, not servicing 15 hours would be comparable to job abandonment or you would be considered missing no call/no show. A low Ca percentage could be compared to consistent tardiness and absences when scheduled.

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