1Why will there be an initial background check for new agents? Clients on the Arise Platform provide Service Partners and their agents with access to a large amount of confidential information, such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card data.  Because of this, all new registrants will be required to complete an initial background check as part of their registration to use the Arise Platform. This report will include a criminal records search and social security number verification.

2.Where will the initial background check step be located for new agents?New agents completing registration (after this change rolls out) will  be prompted to complete an initial background check after they select an Independent Contractor Type and before they can select a servicing opportunity.

3.How much will the initial background check cost?The initial background check will cost $9.99.

4.The majority of opportunities require a secondary background check. Does this change affect those opportunities?No. The majority of opportunities will require a secondary background check. The agent will be prompted to initiate the secondary background check and drug screen (if necessary)at some point during the course enrollment process. There will be no additional cost for these condary background check or the drug screen at this time.

5.What happens if an agent has a credit freeze on their information?If an agent has “frozen” or otherwise restricted access to their credit report, they will have to temporarily lift the credit freeze in order to complete the background check.  They will only need to lift the freeze with Experian (www.experian.com). They do not need to lift the freeze at the other credit bureaus. They should lift the freeze for a minimum of 10 days and will need to wait at least 24 hours before starting the background check after they lift their credit freeze.

6.Once a new agent completes the initial background check and is ready to move forward with the process, will they receive an email letting them know the background check is complete?Agents can check the Arise Portal for updates. They will also receive an email notifying them that they have successfully completed the initial background check. 

7.What happens if an agent fails the background check?If an agent fails the background check, they will be unable to continue the registration process. A copy of their background check and information about their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act will be mailed the address they entered in their profile. If an agent has any questions about the accuracy or completeness of their background report, they will need to contact First Advantage at 1-866-439-7179 and use Option 1

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