To work from home you will need two different headsets. One for class and another to take calls. We recommend purchasing both before starting your client course.

 *Please note that wireless is NOT allowed. Wireless headsets are prohibited. 

  1. For class: You will need a computer headset with a built-in microphone. 

( Example pictured)

Here are some recommendations:
Computer headset with microphone
Computer headset with microphone

They may also be found at major retailers such as:
 BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart & Target

 2. To take calls: you will need a "call center phone". ( Example pictured)

We recommend searching on 

Here are some call center phone recommendations.

Call center phone in black, grey & blue
Call center phone in pink & white
Call center phone in red & black
Call center phone in all black
Call center phone in all pink

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