As an independent contractor, you can take time off anytime. You are in control of when you work as long as you are meeting your contractual expectations.

To take time off please email us at Virtual Work Agency with the dates and a time away ticket will be submitted to your client for documentation purposes. It is best to place the time away ticket one to two weeks in advance.

If you decide to take some time away, you will need to come back ready to meet all of your metrics otherwise the client may terminate their relationship with you.

Reccomendation: Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday. If you take a week off from Wednesday to Wednesday you can still meet your metrics for both weeks. Several Csps usually fulfil the minimum requirement the two or three days before vacation so that their sow is not affected. We do NOT suggest that you take more than two weeks total during an SOW ( 90 days).

SERVICE INTERVALS. For security purposes, if a Csp Agent has not serviced for a period of two consecutive weeks and has not posted any Selected Intervals for the next two weeks, Client and/or Arise may suspend such Csp’s access to Client systems. Failure to service and/or post intervals for more than two weeks can result in termination.

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