When a contractual SOW (Statement of Work) agreement is signed for you to provide services to a client, you are responsible to service them for the duration of the contract as a commitment is made to the client on your behalf. Most SOW contracts are in 30, 60 or 90 day increments. Upon the expiration you can renew or choose to not resign. In the unforseen event that you can not fulfill the SOW. You have three different options. 

When selection an option below please let Virtual Work Agency know via email at VirtualWorkAgency@Gmail.com with the subject " Self term". It is common courtesy to advise at least two weeks prior to your decision.

  1. You may End your contract early. You will have to wait 60 days before you can express interest in another client opportunity. Remember that if you end your contract early, you are still responsible for the full duration of the SOW and may be accessed an early termination fee. 

  2. Cut your scheduled hours back. Work the absolute minimum through the end of the contract. ( usually 15 hours weekly) You can even choose to take some time off if needed and service the client again in a week or two while still maintaining the contract. Once you reach the end of the contract you can choose not to renew if the client decides to offer you another contract. 

  3. Enroll in a client course before self termination your current contact. Service until you start to earn revenue with your new client course. 

Please note: It is always best to fulfill your commitment for the duration of your SOW. Future clients have access to your metrics and can deny you their client opportunity based on your performance. A termination on file can prevent you from being able to service another client within the Arise network.

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