All contractors are required to pass a background check. Cost ( $7.95)

For the security of our fortune 500 clients & their customers, a background check is mandatory and includes: a national criminal history search, a name and Social Security Number verification, and a current address verification. All background checks are conducted in accordance with federal and state law.

Please note:  In Regards to the criminal history report, only criminal convictions are considered and a conviction does not necessarily preclude an individual from providing services on behalf of our company.  If you have already passed Arise's background check, you will NOT need to pass an additional one.

Important: Please make sure that the information you provide is accurate. It must be exactly what is associated with your Social Security number. If you are newly married, please make sure all of your identifications including your SS# and DL or State ID have been updated to reflect your new last name BEFORE submitting the background check. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly. DO NOT use any hyphens, periods or special characters. 

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