Servicing CSPS: 

The Portal is down: You are still required to service. Access your client application via your VPN link. In our VWA Members Group we have back up links in the group files.

Chatroom down: If the chatroom is down you are still expected/required to service. Check your email or our VWA Members Group files on Fb for a backup link. Your QAPF will also email your a backup link if available. If the server is down then none of the links will work until it comes back up. In that case, service and use your resources to find FAQS. Service as usual and keep refreshing the chatroom link. 

Down application: If the client applications go down, do not release your time if it is within the 2 hour lockdown. If it is before the 2 hour lockdown then try to swap your time and pick up additional intervals during the week to meet your SOW requirements.If you are scheduled within two hours please DO NOT RELEASE, email us at Virtual Work Agency with your schedule and we will request a global waiver for time missed while the system is down.

Starmatic Access
: Most of the time when the portal is down you can still access your schedule in Starmatic by a cellphone device. You can also call central operations at any time to find out your schedule, swap or release time. The phone number to call is 1 (866) 771-0041 they are open 24/7 365 days a year.

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