Before you take calls you must participate in a client certification course. This is required by clients in order to be able to service their account. The course provides information on the client’s systems that will be used by agents during servicing. You are taught everything that you need to know to use your client's systems and answer incoming calls. 

The sooner you complete the registration process, the sooner you’ll be able to gain access to these opportunities— and the quicker you  will be able to earn money and you can enjoy all of the advantages that come with working from home.


Courses typically range anywhere from 14 days to 5 weeks in length. Each session is normally 4 hours long and run Monday through Friday. Often the course is instructor-led but there are also self-directed components, and there may be requirements to complete prior to the next day’s class. Everything is virtual. Videos and audio components are built into the online experience.



The Course Certification experience closely reflects the real world. The Opportunity Announcement will provide you with all the information you need – including information about certification – to decide whether a given client program is the right opportunity for you.
 We suggest that you:
• Take the time to learn about the opportunity inside out.
• Read through the Opportunity Announcement.

  • The OA provides detailed information about each client program opportunity, the hours of servicing and the peak demand hours for the client. Be sure that the hours align with your desired schedule before you express interest in an opportunity.

  • Certain client programs have specific servicing hour requirements, which will be detailed in the OA. For example, some client programs require weekend servicing or servicing on certain holidays.  Therefore, be sure to thoroughly review the OA and Statement of Work to ensure that you have selected a Client Program that you will have no problem servicing.


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