Once you have selected your schedule, a commitment is made to your client that you will be readily available to take calls. In the event that you can not service a shift, it is your responsibility to place them up for swap.  Do not wait until the last minute.

 You may place time up for swap two hours or more BEFORE your scheduled shift.
 Swapping allows someone else the opportunity to pick up your schedule for you. If swapping leaves you below your 15 hour minimum you must be able to grab additional intervals first to make up for the time you are giving up in order to keep your SOW in good standing.  You will notice that the intervals will turn orange while in swapped status. While orange it means that it is pending and available for others to grab. Once your shift has been covered it will show as green in Starmatic.

Please note:* The sooner you place them up for swap the better chances your chances become of having them picked up. If they do not turn green you are required to reselect and service them.  Swapping does not affect your metrics.

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