Supervisor- Assigned Point of contact QAPF

Upon completion of your class you will be appointed a QA. He/she have assigned groups of members ( Csps) and will work with you to achieve your metrics. It is imperative for you to communicate with them and maintain a good, respectful relationship with them as they are who score your individual calls. You can email your QA on areas of improvement and request to discuss any concerns about your client and metrics by scheduling what is called a pes.

What is a pes? A pes is a performance enhancement session. It is done over the phone and typically last between 15-30 minutes. You are required to schedule a pes at least once a month. If you are new I would recommend scheduling a pes once a week until you feel comfortable with your metrics.

QA HUDDLES- Your Qa will often hold information sessions called huddles. These are done in a group setting online and are important as they discuss ways to make servicing easier for you. It’s a great way to learn and improve in your areas of expertise.

If at any moment you disagree with your Qa or find any conflict with them please let a member of our Virtual Work Agency staff know via email and we will replace your QAPF.

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