Steps if you experience an Avaya, Citrix, VPN or client application issue:

If the client applications go down, do not release your time if it is within the 2 hour lockdown.  Go to technical support as they will correct the system issue and follow these steps to get a waiver for your missed time. After it is fixed please service as usual for the remainder of your schedule.

Steps for tech support.

  • Log into the Arise Portal, Click on “Arise Support” then “Arise Virtual Assistant”

  • Type in “Tech Support” (You may have to type it in a few times to get to tech support)

  • Type in the box “I was unable to work due to a technical issue and need an incident number so I can submit for a waiver”

  • Tech support will help you resolve the issue and you should service any remaining intervals scheduled for the day. 

  • Once the tech support agent has given you an incident number, service as normal then after your shift email:

  • Provide us with your name, CSP ID#, time scheduled that was missed and your Incident number.

  • We will then request a waiver to cover your time.

  • Please pick up additional intervals to make up for those lost if you fell below the 15 weekly SOW hours.

*Please understand that waivers are issued to help your CA%.  If your client is experiencing an outage and you cannot service, first try to swap your hours and try to pick up time at a later date/time when the systems are back up. If you are unable to swap, you must request a waiver so you won’t be counted as a “no-show” in Starmatic and so that it won’t count against your metrics. Time missed or not serviced is unpaid.
Do not release if it is a technical issue. Releasing is just as bad as a no-show, email us and request a waiver instead. Released intervals are gone and are not available for waivers.Releasing severely impacts your CA metric. Releasing should only be used for an emergency.

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