Priority Adherence and Commitment adherence are two individual metrics. They are separate from one another.

Priority adherence means that you chose enough intervals to meet your minimum requirement. It is based of the intervals you choose, not what you work. It's the number of hours that you have scheduled towards the weekly minimum. 

Commitment adherence is the percentage if time you work your full scheduled interval. it's the easiest metric to meet. If you're on time and work when scheduled, it will be 90% or above as required. 

If you're late, that affects your CA%. Working over does not help it and is not calculated into the CA percentage. We suggest having your systems ready a few minutes before your scheduled time. Go into AUX 1-2 minutes prior to your scheduled shift so that you can be ready and switch to Available/ ready Mode when your shift starts. 

Our suggestion is to schedule yourself a few hours over the minimum so that you have enough hours to meet your contractual agreement outlined in the SOW. It is always best to service more then less. Servicing over the minimum can also help your preselect.

Please do not “Pirate” intervals after your shift is over. If your shift ends and your last call came in a few minute BEFORE your shift ends, you must finish that call and not take anymore calls after that one. You do get paid for the duration of the call as long as your call initiated before your shift. If you continue to take calls outside of your scheduled interval, your contract will be subject to termination.

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